Editorial Committe

The Founder Editor :

Varadaraja Iyengar was born in 1921 in a Vaidika family. After schooling in the traditional Sanskrit Paathashaala System, he attained the title of Pandit. Later, in 1955, he established his own printing press. A socially involved person, he was moved by the shortage of schooling for girls. This led him to found the (1966) Srikaanta Education Soceity dedicated solely to educating girl children. Then he started Traditional Sanskrit teaching for boys and girls as well. He was also involved with many other social service organizations.

The founding of Sudharma and Pandit Varadaraja Iyengar’s courage of conviction in pursuing this project was appreciated by a number of intellectuals. Traditional intellectuals conferred upon him titles of “Girvaana Vaani Bhushanam” and “Vidyaanidhi”. He was appointed as a member for Sanskrit advisory committe, New Delhi nominated by the then Governor of Karnataka H.H. Mohanlal Sukhadia (1975) Central Government. His aim was that “Divine Language should reach every corner of India so, He gave suggestion to the committee that “All India Radio can broadcast Samskrit News”. Honble. Sri I.K. Gujral, the then Minister for information also liked his motivation to spread the divine language. In 1976 Sanskrit News bulleitin started Headed by Smt. Sarojini Mahishi, the then Tourism Minister under her chairmanship bulleitin started. His mission got success now not only Radio but also in Doordarshan Sanskrit bulleitin will telecast Sanskrit News and few Sanskrit programmes. From its inception till August 4, 1990, Pandit Varadaraja Iyengar worked tirelessly for the growth of Sudharma and the fulfillment of its larger mission. On August 5th, 1990 Pandit Varadaraja Iyengar merged with Paramaatma. Since then,(1990) his second son, K.V. Sampath Kumar has been managing this newspaper.

Encouragement from eminent Persons : As word spread about Sudharma, curiosity and interest led many distinguished people to come to the Sudharma once and learn more about it. Such dignitaries were often surprised when they found out that contrary to what they thought; Sanskrit was a language that could be simplified and made easy to comprehend for the common man. Even when passed for time, many such dignitaries including distinguished Vidwaans, heads of various Mathas like

H.H. Sri Dwarakapeeth Swamiji,

H.H. Sri Sringeri Peetham Swamiji, ,

H.H. Sri Kanchipuram mutt Swamiji,

H.H. Sri Pejawarmutt Swamiji,

H.H. Sri Ahobilamatt Swamiji,

H.H. Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji

H.H. Sri Shivaratri Rajendra Swamiji of Suttur Matt (J.S.S.)

H.H. Sri Adichunchanagiri matt etc.,

H.H. Parakala Mutt Swamiji

and people in high government positions including the

President of India – Honble. Sri B.D. Jatti, Primeminister Honble.

Sri Morarji Desai – the then Primeminister of India

Sri Krishna Kumar Andhrapradesh Education Minister.

Sri Umashankara Dixit, Governor of Karnataka

Sri Govind Narayan, Governor of Karnataka

Supreme Court Chief Justice Sri P.N. Bhagavathi

Supreme Court Chief Justice Sri E.S. Venkataramaiah

Sri Chiranjeevi Singh I.A.S. (Karnataka)

Dr. P.S. Ramanujam I.P.S., (Karnataka)

Dr. Dilip I.P.S., (Karnataka)

Dr. V.S. Achar the then Homeminister of Karnataka

Dr. S.R. Leela, M.L.C. (Karnataka)

Sri S.A. Ramadas, Minister for Health (Karnataka)

Sri S. Rajashekar, Superintendent of Post Master

Dr. Fillioza, France

and many more dignitarories had come to see the Sudharma phenomenon for themselves.