What people say about Sudharma!

Sanskrit is not only the matrix of languages but it is a repository of Indian culture. Efforts of Sudharma to popularise this ancient language are to be commended.

D. Devaraja Urs

Chief Minister of Karnataka

Sanskrit is a vital part of our heritage and any effort at reviving interest in this ancient language is to be strongly commended. I convey my best wishes to the editor for success in his pioneering venture.


Governor of Karnataka

“The editor of the daily has shown commendable enterprises in his endeavours to popularise samskritha through this news paper. I wish Sudharma increasing success,prosperity and popularity

B.D. Jatti

Vice-President of India

Sanskrit literature has greatly influenced our thought and culture and has been one of the most potent unifying forces in our country. It is essential that we should not only preserve this rich ancient heritage but enrich it further. I send my best wishes to Sudharma for the success of its efforts

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad

President of India

I firmly believe that one cannot appreciate the greatness of Indian culture unless one knows sanskrit language, because the finest literacy creations, representing the quintessence of Indian culture are to be found in the Sanskrit language. I hope Sudharma will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Justice P.N. Bhagawathi

It was a pleasant surprise when on my first visit to Mysore, I saw the edition of Sudharma the only daily newspaper published in Sanskrit language. In fact, I have now come to hold the view that if the use of samasaas is avoided or reduced sanskrit can be easily utilised as any other language as a means of communication. The difficult project deserves appreciation and support.

Umashankara Dikshit

Governor of Karnataka

The study of Sanskrit will inspire us with the significance of ancient culture and civilization.

Dr. D. Veerendra Hegde

I Congradulate you on your effort to publish a Sanskrit daily Sudharma. It is a very laudable project.

K.M. Munshi

It is only through the Sanskrit language we can know past heritage Sudharma motto is to propogate Samskritha is highly praise worthy.

Kamalapathi Tripathi

LI have always been a believer in making Sanskrit popular by bringing it down from ivory tower of scholarship and allowing it to become a vehicle of expression among the masses. I heartily welcome this bold venture to publish a Sanskrit daily.”

Prof. V.K. R.V. Rao

Sanskrit is the fountainhead of all learning and culture in our country. Efforts to make Sanskrit a vehicle for communication of contemporary thought as well are particularly commendable. I wish Sudharma all success.

L.K. Adwani

Sanskrit is not only a language indeed it is a whole culture, without a study of Sanskrit it would be difficult to understand the past of India…. It is necessary that the study of Sanskrit is encouraged. Sudharma has played a significant role in creating greater interest in the study of Sanskrit.

Jagjivan Ram

Sanskrit language and literature constitute a unifying and integrating factor at a deeper level in our country. I extend my best wishes to Sudharma for many more years of service.

Govinda Narayan

Governor of Karnataka

Must congradulate Sudharma on its steadfast service to the cause of Sanskrit as an unique daily paper in India. Today it is our duty to revive Sanskrit study and restore Sanskrit to its original place of honour. I wish Sudharma wide circulation and a bright future.

Prabhudas B. Patwari

Governor of Tamil Nadu